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Airconditioning: cooling and heating in one

Summer deal: Haier Tundra 2023 2.5 kW from €1499

This Ultra modern 2.5 kW air conditioning set comes with a remote control and built-in Wi-Fi. Regardless of the outside temperature, the Haier Tundra Plus air conditioning can easily bring rooms up to 65 m³ to comfort. Quiet, economical and with unprecedented ease of operation, operation and comfortable performance.

LG UQ12F: the ideal heating solution

Is your house poorly insulated and is a hybrid system not feasible? Heating with air conditioning is more efficient and environmentally friendly than a hybrid system, with the bonus that you can also use it for cooling in summer. To obtain good heat circulation, Convecta recommends floor models if heating is the main part of your airconditioning use. This LG 3.5 kW is easy to operate, extremely quiet and heats to -15 outside temperature, so your central heating barely needs to be used.

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