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Remeha Elga Ace 4 & 6 kW

Elegant. Compact. Fits any boiler.

The Elga Ace is has one of the best price/performance ratio in the market. The Elga Ace is the only one to control with the OpenTherm protocol so that it communicates efficiently with existing boilers. The result is optimal use of the heat pump. The Remeha Elga Ace works with any brand of central heating boiler and therefore offers the solution for making existing systems more sustainable. A hybrid heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and uses it to heat the home. The central heating boiler is only switched on on extremely cold days and for hot tap water. This allows you to save up to 70% on your gas consumption.

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Convecta is an expert in this type of warmtepomp. Interested? Ask a free quotation

Daikin/intergas Altherma 3

Do you need to replace your boiler anyway? This powerful combination of Daikin and Intergas saves you up to 70% of your gas consumption. In this combo, the boiler is practically free – and you’re set for the future.

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